Terms of Services

1) The offer is valid for the period from 07/2018 to 09/2019.
2) The beneficiary for the bid is the depositor with the name entered in the bank account, without having the right to assign the offer to a third party.
3) Because of the very low financial offer refund is not done for any reason and cause even for higher violence.
4) This offer is valid only for a double room without breakfast.
5) The beneficiary can use the accommodation for a four-day (4 days) stay with three nights (3 nights) selected during the year.
6) The holidays are excluded from the offer (Christmas, New Year, Lights from 23-12-2018 until the second day of Easter, August 13-08-2018 / 19 to 18-08-2018 / 19).
7) The bidder must show the police ID or passport upon arrival at the accommodation.
8) You can make your reservation on dates that are available within the year and the accommodation does not bear any responsibility for their confirmation.
9) If the owner has closed a specific date, he can only request a change of this date after consultation with the accommodation and if there are dates available.
10) For the specific dates of the booking, a confirmation email will be sent from the accommodation, otherwise the reservation will not apply.

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